Annapolis Royal Graveyard Tour


When we returned to Fort Anne for the grave yard tour, we found that we were the first to arrive, soon others joined the group, and by the time the tour was set to start Mr. Melanson had quite a following of curious night seekers. Everyone was given a candle powered lantern to carry, and as the last bit of light faded to black we set off on the tour under the ethereal glow of lantern lights that bobbed and waved through the darkness as we walked. The lanterns made an atmosphere that was wonderful to photograph, and coaxed us back to a time before electric lights. Alan Melanson who gives the tour is a wonderful host, an knowledgeable historian, and seasoned storyteller. Decked out in period attire he gives an interesting account of the traditions surrounding funeral attire before we begin the walk.
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Visit Five Islands

The Park has 90 camping sites, two picnic parks, hiking trails, beach access, and 90 metre cliffs overlooking the Minas Basin. We have camped at Five Islands provincial park several times, and each time has been a great experience. When you arrive at Five Islands traveling from the direction of Truro, you will drive up a large hill. Once past that hill, you will start to descend again, and on your left is Bentley Branch Road. Read More