Spring has sprung

If you are in Nova Scotia this week you can see that spring has sprung, with temps reaching the high teens today and chances of the low 20’s tomorrow, lets hope this is an end to winter and we can all start thinking about camping and getting out to see some of this great province.

Gold Finches

The Gold Finches returned to the feeder today, spring must be close here in Nova Scotia

Page updates

Well we are getting some updates done on SeeNovaScotia, we’ve added our Blog feed and Twitter to our homepage, soon we’ll be adding content to
Our day trips section

Snow no big deal

Snow storm misses Halifax, the storm that gave us snow last night did not drop the possible 30cm that was possible, we did get about 5 cm


Welcome to SeeNovaScotia

Welcome to SeeNovaScotia’s new blog site. This section will be a great addition to share our news and new information with you. So stay tuned and see where we go.